New Website

Well, here it is. My old website apparently had some issues (malware) and iPage took it upon themselves to suspend my website until I removed said issues. I quickly sprung to action and began deleting the “issues” that they said were malware. Approximately 200 deleted files later and a changed log-in password, I requested that they un-suspend my site.

After only about 24 hours, my site was back! Yet, not really. Apparently, some of those files were neccessary files for WordPress to function. Oh no!!! What do I do? I panicked, and thought, well maybe if I just reinstall WordPress, all will be fixed. Warning: Do not do this without backing up all your files! (Do you see where I am going with this?)

So, yeah. Here is my new website. I’ll try to make my other posts more informative and entertaining, but for now you just have to deal with this rant of a post.