Twitter Feed in Google Search Results

Twitter Feed in Google Search Results

Have you seen Google search results lately? Looks like there is a new face on desktop results, Twitter. Yeah, it’s been on mobile for a while now, but it was recently released on to Desktop. If you search for a certain person or company, it’s likely that one of the top spots now will be their Twitter Feed.

Picture of Twitter Feed in Google Search Results

How does it work? Well, it seems like there is no set criteria, some people with thousands of followers show up…then again, others with even more followers do not show up. I’ve done some testing with it, and these are my findings so far:

Breakdown of the new Twitter Feed in Google Search Results

1. Active Twitter Account

I’m just stating the obvious here, but you can’t have you feed show if you don’t have a Twitter account. So, if you want to take advantage of this new feature, then make sure you have an account.

2. Size and Engagement

As I said above, it doesn’t look like the golden rule to get you to show up is the number of your followers. It seems like it is a mixture of the number of followers and how much engagement you get on your account. So yes, you have to tweet, tweet to others, and have others tweet, retweet, and favorite your tweets.

3. Instant Results

Meaning that as soon as you tweet something, then it will show up in the results. If you have a promo, discount, offer, or current news you’d like to get in front of people, then here is a new and easy way to achieve some exposure.

4. No Retweets

While the feed is instant, it will not show a retweet and will not show if you begin the tweet using another users account. For example, if I started my tweet with @google, then it would not show up.

5. Up to 5 Tweets

I’ve seen some account only show one tweet, while others can get up to five. There is a scroll button that allows you to click through the different tweets.

6. Go straight to the link!

Yes, you can click on the link in the tweet and go directly to the page mentioned in the tweet. How cool is that?